LinkedIn is a scary beast to tackle. Many people use it, but it’s hard to understand. A lot of the content is typically business oriented, especially a huge focus on personal development. People are keen about personal development but everyone is posting this type of content.

Your LinkedIn strategy may need a wake up. Analytics, specifically engagement might be the answer. Engagement rate is a particularly important metric for brands on LinkedIn given how tough it is to get a regular audience on the network.

LinkedIn Page Engagement Rate: Definition

LinkedIn’s engagement rate on the Crowdbabble platform is the the total Engagement received by a Company Page over a time period as a percentage of followers.

Engagement Rate = Engagement / Followers

The engagement rate ratio between Likes, Comments, Shares, and Fans allows Page administrators to assess their posts in a useful context and refine their content strategies.

How to Find Your Engagement Rate

To find your engagement rate for LinkedIN, you will need a Crowdbabble account first. First, in Crowdbabble, connect to a Facebook public Page in the dashboard by signing up and clicking the plus sign under LinkedIn.

Once the data is mined, you will be able to see the early metrics of your engagement rate, shown the Overview panel of Crowdbabble, opposite number of engagements per post.


Let’s take a look at Crowdbabble’s LinkedIn page on Crowdbabble. Meta right? As you can see, the engagement rate is 27.8% of a small follower base (we are still a startup!) of 54 followers. While the rate is good, we still need to do some more work on LinkedIn. Like I said, it’s a tough network to do well on.

Drilling Down: Stories Created

We need more context to figure out what’s going on with our engagement rate. You can head over to the Engagement tab and click Engagement Rate to see how each post contributes to your engagement rate. For Crowdbabble, our peak performance was on February 2, 2016. That was a while ago.

What post was it? It was a post about the Americans elections, which is a hot topic right now for many reasons. Based on this, to improve our Engagement rate, we need to post more about the elections on LinkedIn.

Crowdbabble LinkedIn Engagement Rate

You can share share or download your Engagement Rate and Stories Created, use the export drop down menu. An Excel sheet of your data or a PDF that includes the graphs will be delivered to your email for the time period that you’ve indicated.

Export LinkedIn

Just like the other networks, you can set Crowdbabble up for automatic updates, in Settings you can choose weekly or monthly PDFs that will be automatically emailed to you.

Unfortunately, you can only get data for LinkedIn if you have administrator access i.e. your own page. That means you will not be able to add competitor accounts to find their engagement rate.