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While our users have taken advantage of Crowdbabble to monitor their competitors on Facebook for a while, today we’re excited to introduce our new Facebook competitive reports to make things even easier.

These new reports allow you to gauge how your brand stacks up against competitors in a single report!

Facebook Competitive AnalysisPreviously, if you wanted to understand how Adidas compares to Nike, Reebok, Puma, Converse and Under Armour, you would have to analyze 6 separate reports.

Now you can save time and present the information in an easy to understand manner with the new competitive reports.

The Facebook competitive reports are structured in the same way as our other reports

Facebook Competitive Overview

Facebook Competitive AnalysisEach Facebook competitive report has an overview that summarizes the performance of your brand versus your competitors during the selected time frame. In the above example, we have chosen to analyze Facebook performance over a 14-day period.

Page Likes Comparison

Facebook Competitive Analysis - Page LikesHere we can see that Adidas has almost 16M page likes, which is slightly higher than the average page but only 40% of the the leader, which is Converse.

Share of Voice and PTAT

Facebook Ccompetitive Analysis - Share of VoiceAlthough Adidas doesn’t have the largest page in terms of page likes, it is the leader in terms of share of voice. Adidas has 40% of the PTAT (People Talking About This) across these 6 brands.

We know a lot of marketers no longer use PTAT to measure engagement. However, the data is still available for each Facebook page, so we’ve included it in case you still need it.


Another way to look at the engagement is to compare the total Likes/Comments/Shares that each of these 6 brands have received.

Facebook Ccompetitive Analysis - EngagementHere we can see that Adidas has 6,361 engagements during the selected time period which is less than half of the average Facebook competitor and only 19% of the leader, Puma.

Getting Started with Facebook Competitive Reports

These are just a selection of a few reports available in the Facebook competitive reports.

Getting started is easy. Just login to Crowdbabble and click on the button that looks like the below.

Facebook Competitive Analysis

Don’t just take our word for it. To get a taste of these new Facebook competitive reports, start a free trial now. You’ll be up and running in less than a minute!