Hashtag Analytics 101: Recent Activity

Viewing the newest content posted with a hashtag can help you choose the right tag for your next Instagram post, or monitor a hashtag that you’ve created. Watching updates appear on Instagram is easy, but it’s not easy to compare content within the platform’s single stream view.

Hashbabble is an Instagram-based analytics tool that delivers key insights for any hashtag you search. Hashbabble also includes a live feed of the most recent content posted: Recent Activity.

Definition: Recent Activity

Hashbabble includes any post tagged with the #HashtagYouSearched in its description in the Recent Activity pane. On the dashboard in Hashbabble, photos and videos with the hashtag appear below other #metrics. Recent Activity is always the 9 newest posts with the hashtag, updating in realtime.

Comments and regrams are not included in recent activity. Content must be uploaded by the user and tagged in the description in order for it to appear.

Recent Activity appears next to Most Engaged Users in Hashbabble in a grid format. New photos and videos will update as soon as they’re posted with the hashtag, no page reload required.

A screencap of Hashbabble, showing Recent Activity to the left of Most Engaged Users

Spam is a known issue on Instagram for popular hashtags. If it hasn’t been caught by Instagram’s filters, you’ll might see an ad posted with the hashtag posted by a spambot under Recent Activity in Hashbabble. This spam is usually poorly formatted and easy to spot.

The grid format of Recent Activity allows you to compare posts and get an immediate overview of a hashtag’s current activity, tone, and userbase. To get a closer look at any recent post, hover the mouse over the image or video to zoom in.

Live Hashtag Insights

Recent activity gives you key insight into a hashtag’s audience as it develops.

If you’ve created a hashtag, recent activity is a realtime source of potential new connections — users actively engaging with your #campaign on Instagram. In Recent Activity in Hashbabble, you can click on a user’s Instagram handle under their content to jump to their Instagram profile. There, you can keep the conversation going by returning their engagement: commenting on their post tagged with your #campaign, liking it, or following them.

If you’re trying to find a hashtag to include in your post, knowing the hashtag’s most recent Instagrams will help you find one that fits your content well. You’ll get an overview of how the hashtag is being used right now, and what type of Instagram users it’s popular with. Seeing a batch of 9 live updates will help you understand what type of hashtag it is and what audience it will give you access to.

Recent activity is a must-view for brand managers and Instagram users who want to ensure their carefully created content gets the attention it deserves. Happy #hashtagging!

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