Hashtag Analytics 101: Most Engaged Users

The most engaged users for a hashtag will give you vital information about the tag’s popularity, demographics, and audience.

Most engaged users is a vital metric for maximizing the reach of your content, whether you’ve created your own hashtag (#myevent2016) or are looking for the best ones to use when you post. Knowing a hashtag’s engaged users will help you refine your social strategy and find potential new followers.

Definition: Most Engaged Users

Most engaged users measures the total mentions of a hashtag in Instagram posts per user. The more times a user has posted the hashtag, the more engaged they are. The users who mention the hashtag the most in their descriptions are at the top of the list.

In Hashbabble, a new hashtag tracking tool for Instagram, most engaged users is displayed as a list that updates in real-time.

The time frame for this data, when the page is first loaded, is the past 50 mentions. After 50 mentions, Hashbabble updates the total mentions — adding new mentions and subtracting any deleted posts. So, users might move up and down the list while you’re using the tool.

Most Engaged Users (for the hashtag #brewery) is highlighted below.

Hashtag tracking tool shows the most engaged user for brewery has mentioned it 6 times

The list vertically ranks users from most engaged to least and displays their number of mentions under their username. For #brewery, the most engaged user is Conor McGeady with six mentions. Clicking on a username will take you to the enthusiastic hashtag user’s Instagram profile, where you can learn more about them and connect.

The 2 Components of Mentions for Most Engaged Users

Most engaged users is measured using mentions in photo and video descriptions on Instagram.

Most engaged users Toronto

  1. Photo descriptions
  2. Video descriptions

The more times a user has included the hashtag in their posts, the more mentions they have (and the higher they are on the list). What if a user mentions a hashtag multiple times in a single description? Repeats like “#myevent2016 #myevent2016 #myevent2016” are counted as one mention.

The Most Engaged Users snapshot from Hashbabble at right shows that user G.M.N has posted 9 separate pieces of content to Instagram using the hashtag #Toronto.

Mentions for most engaged users is calculated differently than mentions overall, a metric used for Hashbabble’s data visualizations, because it does not factor in comments.

The More You Know

Now that you know your hashtag’s biggest fans, you can find new connections and refine your social strategy. Reaching out to the most engaged users for a hashtag you’ve created is a fantastic way to find new followers and measure the success of the event or campaign.

Using Most Engaged Followers, you can calculate the total potential impressions for each engaged user — which can help you understand the impact of #myevent2016. Just multiply the most engaged user’s total mentions by their number of followers. This will give you an idea of the audience size for the hashtag. When you click the username and view their profile in Instagram, you can also better understand the hashtag’s type and demographics.

Happy #Hashtagging!

Each post in our Hashtag Analytics 101 guide breaks down a different hashtag metric to help you engage with more followers.