Hashtag Analytics 101: Followers

What do your followers have to do with hashtags? Comparing a hashtag’s mentions and most engaged users to your followers can help you gauge the success of a hashtag after you’ve used it (or created it).

How can you compare your hashtag’s performance against follower growth in real-time? And what should you do with that information once you have it?

Definition: Followers

Followers refers to the number of users who follow your account. As you probably already know. Hashbabble, a new hashtag tracking tool, compares your Instagram followers against metrics for any hashtag you search.

Followers is shown in the graph below in light purple, alongside a hashtag’s total mentions and mentions per minute.

A graph showing mentions per minute and total mentions rising for a hashtag while followers stays flat

The number of followers is shown in the y axis for the last 50 hashtag mentions. To isolate followers, click mentions per minute and total mentions in the graph legend on Hashbabble to deselect them. You can then watch your follower growth in realtime, while the page updates the hashtag’s most engaged users and recent posts.


By hovering over the follower slope graph line, above in light purple, you can further isolate data points to see exact follower numbers at specific times.

The above shows a flatlining follower count for the logged in user; the hashtag’s mentions aren’t translating into an uptick in followers. Hopefully, you can watch your following grow after creating a hashtag for your brand or choosing the right one for a post.

Tracking Your Progress

With the follower tool, Hashbabble users can see how mentions of the hashtag impacts their follower growth. The comparison is particularly helpful to users who have created hashtags: for events (#mytalk2016) or as brand initiatives (#tagmybrand).


Is your hashtag helping you gain followers? Which Instagram post with the hashtag led to the biggest jump in your total followers? By tracking followers and hashtag mentions at the same time, you can measure your initiatives and hone your strategy.

Happy #Hashtagging!

Each post in our Hashtag Analytics 101 guide breaks down a different hashtag metric to help you improve your social strategy.