Aug.13Facebook Analytics - People Talking About This (PTAT)

Facebook Analytics - People Talking About This (PTAT)

Now that PTAT has “officially” been axed by Facebook, we’ve also removed PTAT from the Crowdbabble Facebook reports.

Facebook’s PTAT (People Talking About This) metric caught a lot of flack from marketers over the past couple years because it was pretty much useless.

It was a compound metric that marketers could easily manipulate with Facebook ads. The social media community basically ripped it apart.

In response, Facebook removed PTAT from it’s Facebook Insights product, but it was still available in the Facebook API. We also kept it in available within Crowdbabble to support the marketers that still used it.

We knew that PTAT would eventually be removed from the API entirely, but we had no idea when.

Until now.

PTAT Deprecated from Facebook API

Only July 2nd, Facebook announced that PTAT will finally be removed from the API. However, we noticed that the PTAT was still available after July 2nd. In fact, it was available in the API for a few more weeks. We only started to notice that it was missing towards the end of July. The exact date varied from page to page.

Updated Crowdbabble Reports

We are now phasing PTAT out of all Crowdbabble reports.

For Facebook Insights pages where you are the admin, you’ll see a slightly updated Facebook Page Hourglass on the overview.

Facebook Insights Page Hourglass

Likewise for Facebook public pages, you’ll also see an updated Facebook Page Hourglass.

Facebook Public Page Hourglass

Finally, all PTAT graphs and related metrics are also being removed from all Facebook reports in Crowdbabble.