Nov.21Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics 101: Why Are Facebook Analytics Important to your Business?

Facebook AnalyticsWhen it comes to measuring the performance of your business on Facebook, most marketers focus on the number of fans (also known as page likes) as a key measure of success.

However, fan counts are a shallow metric and just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Facebook Analytics.

So we put together this Facebook Analytics “101” series of blog posts to help you better understand why and how to measure your Facebook activity.

A better understanding of Facebook Analytics will enable you to optimize your Facebook performance. You’ll also look like a superstar to your boss!

 3 Main Types of Facebook Analytics

Facebook provides a ton of data. Some of it can be overwhelming even for advanced Facebook marketers.

Facebook Analytics can be organized into the following 3 groups.

  1. Fan Metrics
  2. Page Metrics
  3. Post Metrics

1) Facebook Analytics: Fan Metrics

Every business wants to understand their fans better.

Facebook Analytics help us to answer the following questions:

  • How much has our fan base grown over time?
  • Did our fan base fluctuate during specific times? If so, why?
  • What are the demographics of our fans? Where do they live? How old are they?
  • Why do people become fans? Is it because they see our Facebook Ads? Is it because existing fans recommended us to their friends? Or some other reason?
  • How do fans behave when they visit us on Facebook? Do they spend most of their time on our timeline or do they prefer to engage on an app/tab within the page?

2) Facebook Analytics: Page Metrics

Here we want to understand how our page is performing overall. Keep in mind that people who are not Fans of your page can still visit your page, engage and consume your content.

The questions we can use Facebook Analytics to answer are the following:

  • How many people have engaged with our page?
  • How do people engage with our page? Do they like, comment, share or just click?
  • How many people does our page reach? (Keep in mind that people can consume activity from your page without engaging with it. For instance if someone sees a cute kitten photo posted by your page in their newsfeed, they may not engage (like, comment, share, click) but they have still seen it.)
  • How viral is our page?
  • How do people consume page activity? Do they view photos, play videos, click on links to external websites, or something else?
  • How much negative feedback do people leave on our page?

3) Facebook Analytics: Post Metrics

Arguably the most valuable metrics for Facebook marketers are post analytics. Here we want to understand how our content performs so that we can keep improving our content.

The questions we want to answer about our posts with Facebook Analytics are:

  • Which specific posts have performed the best? Which have the highest engagement, virality and reach?
  • Which specific posts have not performed well or received lots of negative feedback?
  • How many posts do fans contribute?
  • What is our media mix (photos vs videos vs links vs status updates)?
  • Which media types receive the most engagement and reach? Are photos the best or another type of media?
  • How does our posting behaviour impact engagement?
  • How likeable, conversational and sharable is our content?
  • How do people consume our content? Do they view photos, play videos, click on links to external websites, or something else?

In our Facebook Analytics 101 guide, each post breaks down a different Facebook metric, to help you better understand how to measure your Facebook performance. View the Facebook Analytics 101 Complete Guide.