Dec.16Facebook Engagement

Facebook Engagement

Definition: People Engaged

People Engaged is the number of unique people who liked, commented, shared or clicked on posts from your Page.

Facebook Analytics - People EngagedPeople Engaged tells us how many people have shown enough interest in your content to interact with it. It’s a good indicator of how well your content is performing. 

Analyzing People Engaged

The People Engaged metric is available to Page administrators. Below we can see the People Engaged over time.

Facebook Analytics - People EngagedThe People Engaged on this Facebook Page varies from day to day with an Average People Engaged of 1,344.10 per day.

The People Engaged peaks at just over 3,500 on June 7.

In order to find out what happened on June 7, we can use the Crowdbabble drill-down to investigate further and see the specific content that was posted that day.

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