Jan.09Facebook Analytics - Negative Feedback

Facebook Dislike ButtonNo, Facebook doesn’t actually have a Dislike button!

However, people can still leaveĀ negative feedback about your Facebook page.

If you have a Facebook page, negative feedback is unavoidable. The larger your audience and the higher your engagement, the more negative feedback you will receive.

The more negative feedback you receive, the less often Facebook shows your content to users. This effectively reduces your page reach.

Definition: Negative Feedback

There are 4 ways that people can leave negative feedback about your page. We’ll break down each one:

  1. Hide Posts
  2. Hide All Posts
  3. Unlike Page
  4. Report Spam

1) Hide Posts

If a user sees a post in the News Feed that she doesn’t like, she can hide the post.

Facebook Analytics - Negative Feedback Hide Clicks
Upon hiding a post, only the current story will be hidden. Future stories from the same page will still appear in the news feed.

2) Hide All Posts

If a user sees content in the news feed shared by a friend or via a paid ad from a Facebook Page that they have not liked, they can hide all the posts from that page.Ā Facebook Analytics - Negative Feedback Hide All Clicks
The user is basically saying “I don’t wan’t my news feed to be polluted by content from this page which I don’t care about, so please don’t show me any more posts from this page ever again!”

3) Unlike Page

If a user has liked your page in the past, it doesn’t mean they have to like it forever.

People unlike pages all the time.

Facebook Analytics - Page Unlike
If fans want to clean up their news feeds or do not find your content appealing, they can sever all ties with your page and unlike your page.

4) Report Spam

If users see content they feel is inappropriate, they can report it to Facebook as spam.

Facebook Analytics - Negative Feedback Report Spam
If you start to see a huge increase in the spam that is reported for your own Facebook page, it means you should take a closer look at your content strategy and make modifications.

How to Measure Negative Feedback?

We can measure the negative feedback on your Facebook page over time.

The Negative Feedback report in Crowdbabble makes it very easy to visualize how people are giving negative feedback to your Facebook page.

Facebook Analytics - Negative Feedback
Just keep in mind that some negative feedback is expected. As you gain more fans and increase the engagement level of your page, the negative feedback on your page will also increase.

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