Jan.06Facebook Analytics - Engagement Rate

Facebook Analytics - Engagement Rate

Definition: Engagement Rate

The Engagement Rate of your Facebook Page is the percentage of people who engaged with your Page (liked, commented, shared or clicked on posts from your Page)Ā after seeing activity about your Page.

Sounds pretty straight-forward, right?

It really is.

Facebook Analytics - Engagement RateIn order words, the Engagement Rate of your Page is People EngagedĀ divided by People Reached.

Engagement Rate: An Example

Lets say that yesterday 500 people saw activity related to your Page, and 60 of these peopleĀ engaged with your Page. Then:

People Engaged (people liked, commented, shared or clicked) = 60

People Reached = 500

Engagement Rate of your Page = 60/500 = 12%

Out of all the people who saw activity about your Page (whether it was in the news feed, as a paid Ad or anywhere else), 12% of these peopleĀ found your content compelling enough to either like, comment, share or click it.

Therefore, the Engagement Rate of your Page yesterday was 12%.

Why Measure the Engagement Rate of your Page?

Just like Virality, Engagement Rate is another great indicator of how engaging your Facebook Page is. It tells us how often people actually interact with your page.

Analyzing the Engagement Rate of a Facebook Page

Lets view the Engagement Rate of a Facebook Page over time.

Facebook Analytics - Engagement Rate GraphIn the above, we can see that the daily Engagement Rate of this Facebook Page varies from day to day with an average Engagement Rate of 3.28%.

The Engagement Rate of the Page peaks at 9.88% on June 7.

In order to find out what happened on June 7, we can drill down into that specific day.

We can also view the actual posts from June 7 if we want to see the specific content that was posted that day.

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