Enter Peach – There’s a New Social Network and It’s a Social Marketer’s Dream Come True

Peach #1

There is a new social media network on the block and it looks quite promising. It attempts to reaffirm the colloquial phrase, life’s a peach. They might be on to something!

Peach is a new social media app that is currently only available for iOS devices and has recently taken the social world by storm… well, the tech world for now. It was created by Dom Hoffman who was the creator of Vine, which ended up being acquired by Twitter.

The app hasn’t reached the masses yet, however it has several clever features that can change the game when it comes to content marketing and user engagement. It’s receiving a large amount of attention.

Peach takes the best of Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to combine it into a unique social messaging platform. I signed up for Peach using my dad’s iPad (I unfortunately do not have any working iOS devices at the moment) and I invited a friend to join me on the fun.

Research has shown that most humans are capable of only having 1-100 close acquaintances or peers where we can actually know who they are to a certain extent. Some of the early social networks like MySpace obliterated this barrier making it possible to be “friends” with many people. Although this was merely an illusion. Research has also shown that even though some of us may have thousands of friends on Facebook, we are still close to only about at most 100 people, verifying earliest sociological research.

Peach takes some of the most common interactions of people’s closest 100 friends on Facebook groups and messages, and emphasize these concepts as features to interact with people. This is where Peach wins. I never imagined this app to have thousands of followers! In my opinion, this is for the people want to stay in touch with several friends and families without the hassle of WhatsApp or Facebook.

Peach friend list

Peach friend list

Some of these interactions only make sense for close friends and family. For example, instead of liking a post, Peach users can wave, blow a kiss and even “put a ring on it”. It brings a more intimate experience without having to message someone, but it’s deeper than just a like. Let’s face it, the “like” is getting boring. Why do you think Facebook is experimenting with emoticons for interacting with posts?

I’m not sure what to call the user profiles or timelines. Let’s stick with profiles for now. The profiles on Peach is best described as a hybrid interact based off of Twitter and Facebook where users can post a variety of content from text, photos and URLs. Your friends can interact with you on the profiles just like Facebook but it emphasized brevity like Instagram or Twitter. Each post can be tagged with your contacts, just like Facebook or Instagram. Best of all you can share gifs. Always a must. I know my colleague Katie Meyer would like this.

Sharing posts on your profile

Sharing posts on your profile

What if you don’t know what to post? Not a problem! Peach also recommends or asks questions at random if you decide to let Peach guide your content sharing. For instance, Peach may ask you to share something about you, so you can answer it however you like! Texts, photos etc!

Peach takes the intimacy of messaging apps and combines it with the flare of social media, albeit only a bit. It’s not overly in your face yet it still emphasizes the need of sharing content in a simple way.

Peach has one major, major… major flaw. It’s something they need to avoid. They limit their APIs.

First, the team at Peach needs to be make sure their platform meeds the appropriate security requirements to ensure that user data is safe.

Second, they need to, and I mean NEED to make their APIs public for third party developers to innovate around Peach. I think there is massive potential for third part developers to create new apps and integrations to power Peach to a top tier social network. This is important for brands who wish to adopt the network into their marketing and online presence strategy.

Peach makes suggestions on what you can post by asking questions. Pretend for a second that I am a developer, I can create a marketing analytics bot where it suggests kind of content that I should post based on my friends’ activity. So if I was Clorox and I wanted to write content but don’t know what, the bot can analyze the content of my friends everyone and suggest a question that I could answer. This can serve as a guide for marketers to create targeted content, without having to do heavy analytics or riding on viral trends after seeing the hashtag trending. Unfortunately, Peach, you need to open up your APIs to make this magic happen!

Peach adds another dimension to how brands can communicate online with their users. I rarely say this about social media apps but I love that Peach doesn’t try to be something different. Rather it attempts to make the digital world more intimate, personal and connivence.



Peach is simply the ultimate social media Swiss army knife (I do keep one with me at all times… you never know!). It’s quick, easy and fun to use without taking much of your attention. Best of all it’s handy. I saw myself using it for my own uses, much like how I use Pocket or Slackbot in Slack.  Peach may not be the best at all the social tools, but it works when you need it most.

Here is to Peach! Good luck with the platform. It’s a winner in our eyes!