Comic Characters on Social Media #6 – Jessica Jones


Let’s get right to it. This past weekend I was a lazy bum. I spent the entire weekend, well 13 hours of it, watching Netflix’s Jessica Jones! Jessica Jones is Marvel’s latest addition the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The show’s roots come from Daredevil, it’s the second chapter leading up to the Defenders, Netflix’s version of the Avengers movie series.

Netflix’s Daredevil caused quite a stir when it was released. There was a dramatic switch away from Marvel’s usual childish, playful attitude to a more adult oriented drama. Daredevil was not meant for the usual audience of 7 year olds lining up dressed as Captain America, Hulk or Black Widow. It was made with the precision and detail of any high tier drama, with the wow and fun of a Marvel movie coupled with the gritty and dark wit seen in shows like Breaking Bad.

Wit the success of Daredevil, Marvel decided to produce 4 more shows on Netflix, catered towards a binge watching adult audience.

Marvel took another gamble by introducing a relatively unknown, obscure character: Jessica Jones. Jessica is not as well known as some of the other heroes; even for me, I am not that familiar with her comics when compared to her counterparts, Daredevil or Iron Fist.

In the comics, Jessica was a high school student who actually went to school with none other than Peter Parker! In fact, she had a crush on him but that’s not that important because nothing really happened. Jessica’s father received tickets from his employer, Tony Stark, to visit Disney World but it unfortunately took a turn for the worse. The family car collided with truck spilling a chemical agent that gave her superpowers at the cost of losing her family. Eventually she was adopted by a family. This led to a bunch of problems; she was often considered a brat but at least she was always honest.

Jessica began to experience super-human strength, with the ability to jump and withstand large force impacts. Unlike the show, Jones has the ability to fly and have a higher than normal endurance. Later on, she developed psionic protection (psychic powers specifically telekinesis) under the guidance of Jean Grey from the X-Men.

Jessica dawned the superhero role for a while and was optimistic about what she can do to help. She came across Daredevil’s enemy, Dr. Zebediah Kilgrave i.e. Purple Man who for a period of time, held Jessica hostage via mind control. Kilgrave is able to release pheromones to control people’s thoughts and actions, doing anything he wants them to. Eventually she broke free from Kilgrave’s influence, but unfortunately this didn’t mitigate the devastation she was responsible for. Under Kilgrave’s control she hurt a lot of people including torturing Daredevil.

After leaving Kilgrave, Jessica ended up starting a private investigation business where she licensed herself as a PI. She had a few more run ins as a hero but settled down to have a family with fellow Marvel hero, Luke Cake.

Netflix has done a fantastic job staying true to the origins of the story and created one of the best depicted comic book adaptions in recent memory.

Despite all of this, the question remains… is Jessica Jones even capable of having a web 2.0 life? Let’s find out.


Nirvana Jessica Jones Facebook Post Status Update

I really never pictured Jessica Jones the Facebook type exactly. She also loves Nirvana but who doesn’t?

Facebook Chat

Facebook Chat Jessica Jones Social Media Chat Trish Walker Netflix

Yup typical. You are better off using snail mail Trish. Always out and about.


Kilgrave Snapchat Jessica Jones Netflix Social Media Creep Selfies

Uh oh… it looks like Kilgrave is watching Jessica and sending her really creepy snaps…


Jessica Jones Twitter Status Update Post Netflix

Can’t blame her… they are way too loud!

Text Messages

Jessica Jones Selfie Text Kilgrave Netflix Creep Marvel

Jessica is late on her daily selfies to Kilgrave. This makes my skin crawl… I hope you are happy you sick sadistic freak..

Yahoo Answers

Jessica Jones Yahoo Answers Marvel Netflix Growth Hacking