Comic Characters on Social Media #4 – Wilson “The Kingpin” Fisk

Behold our first supervillain for Comic Characters on Social Media, Wilson Fisk aka The Kingpin! Fisk is one of the most feared and prolific crime lords in the Marvel Universe. He is a mastermind, genius level thinker who is hell bent on changing the world for his own vision. Fisk has two identities, the first is the famous New York City philanthropist who aims to make the city a better place but  he also runs a crime ring that is far reaching. The influence of his corruption is rampant, affecting cops, government officials, charities and research institutions. Only known as the Kingpin!

Fisk grew up in a traumatic and abusive environment. He killed his father in a spout of rage, primarily to protect his mother. He was bullied by his father for being fat. Despite everything he endured, he came out as a successful entrepreneur running many businesses with large investments… albeit some not in the best intentions for the public.

Fisk has near superhuman strength and endurance… Fisk can take a beating to say the least. He has layer upon layer of muscle. Fisk may be slow, but you might have a better chance breaking through a brick wall before you get through Fisk.

He is also arguably the best portrayed villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, right up their with Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of Thor’s foe and adopted brother Loki. The Kingpin has had several run ins with Daredevil and Spiderman, as well as other Marvel heroes in the comics. He often seeks partnerships with others like HYDRA and the Emissaries of Evil. The Kingpin is an iconic villain, so much so that he was listed as IGN’s #10 Top Comicbook Villain of All Time! That’s no “chump” change.

So does Fisk use social media? Of course… he is a “public figure” after all.


Snapchat Wilson Fisk Vanessa Marianna Marvel Social Media MCU

D’AWWWW! You know… I know he is a supervillain but you have to envy his soft side….


Facebook Status Update Kingpin Dream Wilson Fisk

Wise words. He’s motivated for the good of the people…  I think?

Facebook Chat 

Facebook Chat Vanessa Kingpin Wilson Fisk Marvel

Okay…urgh get a room…


Spiderman Marvel Kingpin Wilson Fisk Twitter Chump Comics

I assume you don’t like Spider-man then?

iOS Messages 

smythe spiderman marvel comics kingpin wilson fisk

Smythe is an upcoming, supergenius villian in a wheelchair. Cut him some slack Mr. Fisk! He can’t build all your anti-hero weapons all at once! He needs a breakout year…


Wilson Fisk Kingpin Pinterest Social Marvel Comics

He has good taste… and is that Daniel Craig as Bond? Ironic.