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Who Won the January 17 Democratic Debate on Social Media? For Hillary and Bernie, the Race is Closer Than Ever

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On January 17, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton faced off in the nationally televised Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate in Charleston, South Carolina. After the debate, pundits struggled to pick a winner in a race that might be getting close. As reported by The New York Times, viewers leaned towards Sanders…

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Crisis Management: When Is It Appropriate to Use a Celebrity’s Death For More Twitter Followers?

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David Bowie calls to mind avant-garde, boundary-pushing, and stereotype-shattering. Crocs… does not. On social media, when is the appropriate time for a company co-opt a celebrity’s death for more followers? For Crocs, that time is never. Particularly when the celebrity seems such an odd fit for the brand: David Bowie…

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Crisis Management 101: Starbucks Stirs the Pot with #RaceTogether Campaign

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Giving back: in the socialpreneurship movement sweeping the corporate world, being a “good” company can pay off. For the philanthropic efforts companies put in, their brands get a huge marketing boost. But what happens when the public believes a “good” marketing initiative is just that, marketing only? In March 2015,…

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Do you need social media to be successful on Kickstarter? Case Study on the Auroma Coffee Brewer – Kickstarter’s Latest Funding Success Story

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TL DR – No because a good product funds itself but you’d be stupid not to have any social presence.  Kickstarter success is a fascinating topic, one that cannot be answered in a single blog post. To really go in-depth, I would need more data from Kickstarter themselves. Unfortunately I…

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Enter Peach – There’s a New Social Network and It’s a Social Marketer’s Dream Come True

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There is a new social media network on the block and it looks quite promising. It attempts to reaffirm the colloquial phrase, life’s a peach. They might be on to something! Peach is a new social media app that is currently only available for iOS devices and has recently taken…

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