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Introducing: Crowdbabble for Hootsuite

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Crowdbabble and Hootsuite: together at last! We’re celebrating at our Toronto offices because we just launched an amazing new integration: our Instagram analytics app for Hootsuite is our gift to Instagram marketers. With Crowdbabble for Hootsuite, you can optimize your Instagram presence without ever leaving Hootsuite. The app takes all…

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What Happens When You Concede to Donald Trump? Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich Implode on Facebook

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There’s no participation award for losing the Republican nomination to a reality TV star. In an unprecedented race, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich couldn’t stump the Trump, despite their efforts on the ground and online. With hundreds of posts, the three runners-up pushed hard for higher engagement and more…

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The Social Media Kingdom – The 24 Biggest Social Media Networks as Animals

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Welcome to The Social Media Kingdom! We have created an infographic that describes the 24 biggest social media networks that have the most influence in today’s society. Each network is also paired with an animal to help you understand the scale and scope of the network. We also tried to…

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The Social Media Secrets of Brent Stirling: Crowdbabble Interviews a Startup Guru

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You can spot Brent Stirling at Ryerson University’s startup incubator by the looks on the faces of the people meeting with him. They’re often overwhelmed, nodding furiously while jotting down Brent’s advice: the faces of non-Twitter people learning how complex and powerful social media can be. Brent Stirling has been…

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