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2017 Trend Forecast: Conversational Social Media

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Content marketing Conversational marketing Social media has always been conversational, a core quality forgotten by brands keen on content marketing in the 2010s. Until now. Social media users don’t want to click links and read content: they want to talk. (It’s a miracle you’re reading this article.) Conversational UX is the biggest buzzword in web development and it will only get bigger in 2017. Content generators like Quartz have developed conversational apps that ask users what they want to read, then deliver it (using machine learning and AI). The question/response format of Siri, Facebook Assistant, and Amazon Echo have seeped…

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How to Don Draper Your Social Media: A Guide for Agencies

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“Please RT! I #followback” – Don Draper, never Is your agency more Lou Avery or Don Draper on social media? Luring clients on social media is different than luring customers. Agencies should use social media to underline their ability to take risks that pay off, making brands trendy while protecting them from controversy. More amateur social media strategies — asking for RTs, jumping on every hot hashtag — don’t cut it with clients who want to pay for innovative work. Hitching your agency’s social channels to trending hashtags, celebrities, or topics could attract more followers in the short term, at…

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The World’s Favourite New Hockey Fan: How the Hockey World Fell in Love with Tony X (‎@soIoucity)

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Yes, I am guilty of day dreaming about becoming famous overnight. I’m not sure how or what I would do to become famous, but I’ve definitely thought about it. If it does happen, it would happen on Twitter. Twitter is a real time public forum and one of the best places for viral stories to become well… viral. Unfortunately, most of my Twitter behaviour is relegated to retweets of my favourite media outlets and publications. Someone like me… will probably not be famous overnight through a random string of retweets. On April 25th, one of the greatest moments in live…

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The Social Media Kingdom – The 24 Biggest Social Media Networks as Animals

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Welcome to The Social Media Kingdom! We have created an infographic that describes the 24 biggest social media networks that have the most influence in today’s society. Each network is also paired with an animal to help you understand the scale and scope of the network. We also tried to match the quirks where possible… but it’s not always easy with animals. There is also a quick snippet about each one. This infographic is created by one of our Co-Op students, Shem Goltz, who worked on this as his first major project at Crowdbabble. Congratulations on a successful project Shem!…

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How Social Media & Influencers Catapulted Autism Awareness – #carlytakeover

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Every morning for about two decades, I’ve watched Breakfast Television Toronto at some point before I head off to school or work. Because I started working in Toronto, it became apart of my morning routine to listen to the Breakfast Television Crew. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I changed my plans thanks to BT relaying the news about GO Transit delays or accidents on our highways. All in all, your typical Toronto morning. I’ve known Kevin Frankish as a news anchor since I was a kid, to me morning news isn’t the same without Frankish….

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2015: The Year in Viral Sensations

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Feel good, especially feel bad then feel good, stories dominated social media in 2015. The feel-bad-first stories all begin in a similar way: Ahmed Mohamed was taken to jail for bringing a clock to school; Tim Tai was excluded from a protest; and Sean O’Brien was made fun of for shimmying in public. All three were excluded in real life and then radically included on social media, going viral as a result. For Jim Cantore, the definition of a feel good story, excitement about thundersnow proved contagious. And then there are oddball outliers, like Emo Kylo Ren — heir to…

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2015: The Year in Social Media Disasters

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Schaudenfreude: A feeling of enjoyment that comes from seeing or hearing about the troubles of other people Socialhuadenfreude: A feeling of enjoyment that comes from seeing or hearing about the social media disasters of other brands 2015 was a very delicious year for social media scandals. Nothing makes a marketing manager feel smugly superior like watching big brands fail hard, and publicly, online. What were the biggest social media fails of 2015? How did brands recover from the disasters? Most importantly, which blunders were the most entertaining? Blackberry’s Twitter for iPhone  When you think of social media, you might not think of…

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Going Viral: What Star Wars Did to its New Stars on Social Media

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Described by Wikipedia as an “epic space opera” and by Star Wars fans as a huge relief, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is on track to be the biggest movie of all time. Leads Daisy Ridley (Rey) and John Boyega (Finn) were relatively unknown before the premiere and are now megastars. How has big screen success affected Ridley and Boyega on social media? Does silver screen fame transfer to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Marketers can learn a lot from the two new stars’ patterns of virality, but let’s get down to what’s really important. Who’s winning on social media: the dark…

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Going Viral: Alex From Target, A Year Later and 3,900,000 (Followers) Richer

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Andy Warhol said that “in the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” That future is now: with social media, everyone can be famous for 15 minutes, but some stretch their time in the spotlight into days, months, and years. How do they do it? Last November, when teen Twitter set its eyes on Target cashier Alex Lee, the attention could have flickered out almost immediately. Now, with more than 3.9 million followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram combined, Alex has stretched his 15 minutes into a very big year. How did Alex from Target go viral? And how…

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Comic Characters on Social Media #6 – Jessica Jones

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[SPOILER ALERT] YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!  Let’s get right to it. This past weekend I was a lazy bum. I spent the entire weekend, well 13 hours of it, watching Netflix’s Jessica Jones! Jessica Jones is Marvel’s latest addition the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The show’s roots come from Daredevil, it’s the second chapter leading up to the Defenders, Netflix’s version of the Avengers movie series. Netflix’s Daredevil caused quite a stir when it was released. There was a dramatic switch away from Marvel’s usual childish, playful attitude to a more adult oriented drama. Daredevil was not meant for the usual audience…

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