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Social media in 2017 culture wars by Crowdbabble

In 2017, Will All Businesses Be Forced Into Politics Like LL Bean?

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In 2017, every brand will be political. Whether they like it or not. The Presidential Election and Brexit ignited a culture war in the West that many brands became embroiled in. From LL Bean to Star Wars, no industry is safe from the increased polarization of American consumers on the political spectrum. In the 2010’s, crowdculture marketing took off as brands embraced likeable causes to increase engagement, like Dove’s body positivity campaign. In 2016, politics and identity politics clashed with marketing campaigns in an epic way as crowdcultures became more polarized online. In 2017, that culture war will intensify. No brands will be spared. Social…

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social media marketing guide for 2017 trend forecast by crowdbabble, text over image from NASA of a large metal cone being tested with light reflected off it

Social Media Marketing Trend Forecast for 2017

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For marketers, social media in 2017 will be a challenge and opportunity. With the decline of content marketing and the rise of new technologies, like VR and AI, marketers will have to create new strategies to keep up. The status quo on social is shifting. In this series, we map out the new pitfalls and potential gains your brands face this year. Conversational Social Media Your social media fans and followers don’t want to hear from you, they want to talk with you. In 2017, social media is going back to its roots. Marketing Gets Political Culture wars will rage on social media and brands…

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Crowdbabble looking back on social media marketing in 2016 the long view

Top Reads for Brand Managers, December 2016

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2016: you won’t miss it. But at least the year is ending on an insightful note, now that we can look back at the evolutions in social media marketing this year. Here are three worthwhile reads on social media marketing for a long view of 2016. Twitter’s 10 Buzziest Global Topics of 2016 By Leslie Berland (@leslieberland) for Twitter The most-tweeted topic this year? It wasn’t the American election. Social Media Use in 2016 By Shannon Greenwood, Andrew Perrin, and Maeve Duggan for Pew Research Centre An overview of total users and growth in 2016 for five networks. Facebook’s Year in Review By…

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2017 Trend Forecast: Mesmerizing Video

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Spoiled for choice, social media users are demanding more from online content. They want to be mesmerized. Watching material processes unfold with digital perfection is a new, much-loved trend on social media. Across political divides, everyone is mesmerized by perfection. Most processes that we interact with are concealed behind a screen and we’re more hooked than ever by video that shows physical processes unfold — and they’re refreshingly apolitical. Humans love to watch amazing things at peak performance: beautiful machines working flawlessly, a process unfolding perfectly, a touchdown executed with great skill. It’s hard to come up with an umbrella term for videos that…

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Top Reads for Brand Managers, #movember 2016

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In this new series, we cut through the blogspam so you don’t have to. Every month we’ll highlight fresh insights that give you a new perspective on social. Here are four worthwhile reads on marketing from November 2016. Changing Stripes: The Man Who Made Adidas Cool Again By Reggie Ugwu (@uugwuu) for BuzzFeed A masterclass in branding from the creative director of Adidas. An incredibly in-depth, inside story on the shoe brand’s collapse and rebuild. Tell Your Company Story Like Tesla By Janessa Lantz (@JanessaLantz) for ReadThink Read the Adidas story, and want to keep learning from the best? This short…

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What Happens When You Concede to Donald Trump? Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich Implode on Facebook

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There’s no participation award for losing the Republican nomination to a reality TV star. In an unprecedented race, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich couldn’t stump the Trump, despite their efforts on the ground and online. With hundreds of posts, the three runners-up pushed hard for higher engagement and more followers on social media—hoping it would translate into votes. But Trump won in the primaries and on the Internet, with 16.5 million followers across the three largest platforms: more than Bush, Cruz, and Kasich combined. What happens to losers on social media? And will Bush, Cruz, and Kasich wallow, or…

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The Social Media Kingdom – The 24 Biggest Social Media Networks as Animals

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Welcome to The Social Media Kingdom! We have created an infographic that describes the 24 biggest social media networks that have the most influence in today’s society. Each network is also paired with an animal to help you understand the scale and scope of the network. We also tried to match the quirks where possible… but it’s not always easy with animals. There is also a quick snippet about each one. This infographic is created by one of our Co-Op students, Shem Goltz, who worked on this as his first major project at Crowdbabble. Congratulations on a successful project Shem!…

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John Kasich vs. the World: Candidate’s Odd Catch-Up Strategy Might Just Work

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The New York Times has called him “the only plausible choice for Republicans tired of the extremism and inexperience on display in this race.” The polls have called him third place candidate, well behind Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. John Kasich is the old guard’s favourite for the Republican nomination, due to his right-wing ideals, relative sanity, and Republican insider status. Unlike Trump, Kasich is a career politician with decades of experience in office. And he hasn’t mentioned anything about a wall. He’s 600 delegates behind Trump, but Kasich hasn’t bowed out. Can Kasich catch up? Picking Up Speed Like…

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How to Find Your Instagram Engagement Rate

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Unlike Facebook or Twitter, there are not analytics for Instagram. You probably have burning questions about our analytics and no way to answer them. Engagement rate is an easy metric to use to study your content and social media channels. This is especially important if you want to ensure you are getting real Instagram profiles like you. So how can you find it? Instagram Engagement Rate: Definition Engagement rate for Instagram is the number of The total engagement received by an Instagram account over a time period as a percentage of followers, the equation is Engagement = Engagement / Followers….

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Facebook Analytics - Engagement Rate

How to Find Your Public Facebook Page Engagement Rate

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You might have many Facebook likes, but how many fans are actually engaging with your content? Engagement rate is a particularly important metric for brands on Facebook — especially ones worried about fake Likes. But how can you measure it? Facebook Page Engagement Rate: Definition Engagement rate for public Facebook Pages is the number of Stories Created with your posts relative to the number of fans the Page has. Stories Created refers to Likes, Comments and Shares of your posts: when a person engages with your content and it then becomes a story in their own feed. The engagement rate ratio…

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