Crisis Management 101

What Happens When the Front Page of the Internet Hates You? Axe Steals Reddit Content and Finds Out

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Reddit has become one of the largest and most popular sources of user-generated content on the Internet. News aggregators — from the Daily Mail to Gawker — mine the site for viral stories, funny quotes, and even celebrity interviews. As a seemingly unlimited and free fountain of grassroots content, the site is a dream solution for the 24 hour content cycle. Reddit’s huge and active audience is also a dream for brand managers. Putting the two unique benefits together, a campaign that uses Reddit content and is promoted on Reddit would seem like a marketing coup. And because Reddit users are…

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Crisis Management 101: What is #OscarsSoWhite Doing to the Academy?

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It’s not a good time to be a little gold statue. This year, all twenty Oscar nominees in the acting categories were white. The Academy members who determine nominations are 95% white, while 1 out of 10 Americans is African-American and 3 of 10 are people of colour. How did social media users react to all-white nominations? #OscarsSoWhite is a trending topic on Twitter for the second year in a row and its impact cannot be underestimated. Should the Academy be held responsible for the lack of diversity? In the escalating conversation around the nominations on social media, some pointed to…

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Crisis Management 101: Starbucks Stirs the Pot with #RaceTogether Campaign

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Giving back: in the socialpreneurship movement sweeping the corporate world, being a “good” company can pay off. For the philanthropic efforts companies put in, their brands get a huge marketing boost. But what happens when the public believes a “good” marketing initiative is just that, marketing only? In March 2015, Starbucks launched #RaceTogether to foster understanding across racial divides on Instagram and in stores. #RaceTogether brought to customers what had been going on behind the scenes at Starbucks since December 2014, in the wake of riots from Ferguson, Missouri to Oakland, California. For staff, Starbucks fostered open forums, meetings with leadership,…

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Crisis Management 101: IBM’s #HackAHairdryer Overheats

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All across the world, in cubicles and board rooms, bars and conferences, marketing executives are asking themselves: What do women want? (It’s usually followed by: Should we make a Pinterest account for the company?). I can imagine the scene that must have unfolded at IBM leading up to last week. Under fluorescents in a boardroom, a group of such executives — spreadsheets strewn in front of them, maybe a few Jezebel blog posts open — had an epiphany. A fantastic idea. One sure to lure women closer to the brand. A fun, IBM-hosted #hackathon that would boost the image of the…

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Crisis Management 101: When Doing Something Different Backfires

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How can your brand stand out online? When a brand chooses to do something different, it takes a risk. But as we’ve said before: no guts, no glory. Or in Audi’s case, no guts, no social media disaster. On Facebook and Instagram, Audi shares photos of beautiful cars, often blurred slightly to indicate how quickly they’re cutting through their stunning backdrops. With Crowdbabble’s content browsing tool, we pinpointed the posts from before the crisis. They all look a bit like this: For Audi’s Facebook account, it was all cars all the time. With the exception of spring 2014, when Audi…

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Bell Media / Dark Helmet takes a beating

Crisis Management 101: Did Writing Fake Reviews Help or Hurt Bell Mobility?

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When things are going well for a brand on social media, the benefits are easy to measure: an uptick in sales, boom in referral traffic, increased activity on traceable links. When things are going poorly, the silence can be deafening… and difficult to track. Especially if your brand is already suffering. No sector on social media provides more crisis containment examples than the embattled industry of telecommunications: telecomm companies are under constant attack online. For many, social media accounts are the new customer service 1-800 number. Why wait on hold for 10 minutes over the phone, when you can vent instantly…

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Crisis Management 101: How Did DiGiorno Bounce Back From a Cheesy Tweet?

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With every post on social platforms, marketers have to make a tough choice: tried-and-true messages or pushing the envelope to attract more attention. Playing it safe keeps your brand out of trouble, but no guts, no glory. Especially on Twitter. What happens when an attempt at edgy goes horribly wrong? What are a bad tweet’s long-term effects for a brand? Last week, we analyzed Smuckers’ comment deleting jam on Facebook. This week, we chew on DiGiorno’s #whyIstayed pizza gaffe. Spicy tweet way too hot (and offensive) for Twitter On September 9, 2014, DiGiorno — the reheat-at-home pizza brand — was…

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Crisis Management 101: How Smuckers’ Facebook Scandal May Have Helped its Brand

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Nothing will boost your confidence as a marketing maven like reading about other brands’ social media fails. Watching a huge brand like McDonald’s struggle after a hashtag is hijacked acts as a kind reminder that even the most well-funded branding teams can mess up online. Once bad press around a social media scandal has died down, how long do the effects last for a brand? Can social media mistakes be fatal? On April 14 2014, US Airways accidentally tweeted a pornographic image involving a model US Airways plane to an irate customer. With 425,000 Twitter followers, the epic fail was quickly retweeted…

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