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Social media in 2017 culture wars by Crowdbabble

2017 Trend Forecast: Culture Wars and Your Brand

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In 2017, every brand will be political. The Presidential Election and Brexit ignited a culture war in the West that many brands became embroiled in. Including your own. In the 2010’s, crowdculture marketing took off as brands embraced likeable causes to increase engagement, like Dove’s body positivity campaign. In 2016, politics and identity politics clashed with marketing campaigns in an epic way as crowdcultures became more polarized online. In 2017, that culture war will intensify. No brands will be spared. Social media users are inundated with political content, and participate in it readily. Does that mean your audience wants a break from politics? Do they want…

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Measure Dozens of Social Accounts, Without Losing Your Mind

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Working in social media at an agency means managing multiple brands and distilling huge (and sometimes contradictory) data sets into actionable insights. When a social media campaign goes wrong, most agencies have standard (painstaking) operating procedures for sifting through data to find the mistakes. Figuring out what went right on a winning campaign can be a more arduous process. In a confusing flood of information about likes and comments, social media managers at agencies are under pressure to replicate them. And not just for one brand, but for dozens. Real photo of a social media analyst after a successful campaign…

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Top Marketing & Startup Memes of the Week #3

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Yup, we are back with another Friday edition of Top Marketing & Startup Memes of the Week… number 3! I was on a roll trying to find memes, so much so that I was having a hard time picking the memes for today. Either way, I hope you enjoy this week’s edition. I hope you all have a amazing weekend! Get some rest founders. You earned it, but for now.. a few laughs to start the weekend. That’s basically analytics in a nutshell. Trot on unicorn, trot on! It’s truly the best feeling in the world. Am I right? With…

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Do you need social media to be successful on Kickstarter? Case Study on the Auroma Coffee Brewer – Kickstarter’s Latest Funding Success Story

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TL DR – No because a good product funds itself but you’d be stupid not to have any social presence.  Kickstarter success is a fascinating topic, one that cannot be answered in a single blog post. To really go in-depth, I would need more data from Kickstarter themselves. Unfortunately I do not have that treasure trove of data, nor do I have the video analytics of their video platform. Based on general observations, Kickstarter success largely depends on luck and timing… more than we give it credit. For example, VR’s timing was perfect and helped launch Oculus Rift through their…

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Enter Peach – There’s a New Social Network and It’s a Social Marketer’s Dream Come True

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There is a new social media network on the block and it looks quite promising. It attempts to reaffirm the colloquial phrase, life’s a peach. They might be on to something! Peach is a new social media app that is currently only available for iOS devices and has recently taken the social world by storm… well, the tech world for now. It was created by Dom Hoffman who was the creator of Vine, which ended up being acquired by Twitter. The app hasn’t reached the masses yet, however it has several clever features that can change the game when it comes…

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Tobias sobbing in the shower

2015: The Year in Social Media Disasters

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Schaudenfreude: A feeling of enjoyment that comes from seeing or hearing about the troubles of other people Socialhuadenfreude: A feeling of enjoyment that comes from seeing or hearing about the social media disasters of other brands 2015 was a very delicious year for social media scandals. Nothing makes a marketing manager feel smugly superior like watching big brands fail hard, and publicly, online. What were the biggest social media fails of 2015? How did brands recover from the disasters? Most importantly, which blunders were the most entertaining? Blackberry’s Twitter for iPhone  When you think of social media, you might not think of…

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Crisis Management 101: When Doing Something Different Backfires

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How can your brand stand out online? When a brand chooses to do something different, it takes a risk. But as we’ve said before: no guts, no glory. Or in Audi’s case, no guts, no social media disaster. On Facebook and Instagram, Audi shares photos of beautiful cars, often blurred slightly to indicate how quickly they’re cutting through their stunning backdrops. With Crowdbabble’s content browsing tool, we pinpointed the posts from before the crisis. They all look a bit like this: For Audi’s Facebook account, it was all cars all the time. With the exception of spring 2014, when Audi…

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The Dark Side – How to Use Google Analytics to Measure and Estimate Your Social Media ROI by Leveraging Dark Social Activity

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Social Media ROI is an ambiguous, but extremely important metric. Digital marketers may feel overwhelmed when trying to figure out how to calculate or try to understand it. The return on social media efforts is a tough nut to crack, mostly because we don’t really know what tools to use. As the Internet’s role in marketing grows, quantifying social media ROI is becoming essential. As we discovered, social media runs on trust and sharing… and something that is not often discussed that wreaks havoc on analytics: dark social. The near infinite expanse of the web has allowed for sharing that…

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Crowdbabble overview showing a variety of stats. Are you accessing this page via a screen reader? I would love to help it work for you. Please email me at katie at crowdbabble dot com.

Crisis Management 101: How Smuckers’ Facebook Scandal May Have Helped its Brand

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Nothing will boost your confidence as a marketing maven like reading about other brands’ social media fails. Watching a huge brand like McDonald’s struggle after a hashtag is hijacked acts as a kind reminder that even the most well-funded branding teams can mess up online. Once bad press around a social media scandal has died down, how long do the effects last for a brand? Can social media mistakes be fatal? On April 14 2014, US Airways accidentally tweeted a pornographic image involving a model US Airways plane to an irate customer. With 425,000 Twitter followers, the epic fail was quickly retweeted…

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5 Hacks to Present Your Social Media Data Like a Marketing Rockstar

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It’s crunch time! You need to present all your social media metrics, data and findings to the leadership team before the month ends. Not to mention the millions of other things on your to do list, a presentation is the last thing you need to worry about. It’s a busy time of year and it can take a lot of time to prepare a presentation. And yet you want to be able to perform at your best to impress everyone and feel proud about your work. That’s why you are where you are now. You love your job but sometimes…

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