Instagram Analytics 101

Measure Your Success on Instagram with a New Metric: Volatility

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Are you going viral? On Instagram, it can be difficult to track your rate of change: whether your account is blowing up or slowing down. You might have more likes and comments than normal, but it’s difficult to measure the size of the change. Engagement rate, meaning the likes and comments your content receives relative to your number of followers, is an important metric. The amount your engagement rate has changed might be even more important. For brand managers, volatility — how much your engagement rate has changed — is essential. It puts your engagement rate in context, giving marketers…

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Adding More Insights to Your Crowdbabble Excel Exports

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Crowdbabble has plenty of fantastic graphs and charts that helps share consumable social media data and analytics to any audience. Each graph can be exported into an image of a PDF so there are multiple options to help you report analytics the best way possible. However, can we take this further? Yes. As much as Crowdbabble aims to be the one-stop shop for social media analytic reports, there are some limitations. We get it. Social media managers, marketers, data scientists..etc… you all have different needs which means it’s harder to cater to each one. Crowdbabble tries to offer every type…

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The Social Media Analytics Glossary

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Whether you are just starting out with social media analytics, or you are an analytical wizard, tracking relevant metrics will help you to optimize your social media campaigns. This free Social Media Analytics Glossary will help you to brush up on your knowledge of social media metrics. It includes definitions for everything from the most basic to the more advanced metrics. Let’s dive in. We hope this guide helps you to better understand your metrics so you can improve your social media campaigns. Make sure to keep it handy for easy reference! You’re more than welcome to share it with…

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