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Introducing Facebook Reactions Analytics from Crowdbabble

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Ever since Facebook introduced the Like button, which feels like a lifetime ago, there have been endless jokes about Facebook introducing a “Dislike” or “Hate” button. To Like or to Dislike To be fair, some situations just don’t deserve a Like. If a friend gets laid off from work, that’s probably not worthy of a Like. Or if a family member has an incident and breaks an arm, a Like is not appropriate here either. Facebook Reactions So Facebook listened and officially rolled out Facebook Reactions in late February, enabling us to interact with content in new ways. Rather than…

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Adding More Insights to Your Crowdbabble Excel Exports

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Crowdbabble has plenty of fantastic graphs and charts that helps share consumable social media data and analytics to any audience. Each graph can be exported into an image of a PDF so there are multiple options to help you report analytics the best way possible. However, can we take this further? Yes. As much as Crowdbabble aims to be the one-stop shop for social media analytic reports, there are some limitations. We get it. Social media managers, marketers, data scientists..etc… you all have different needs which means it’s harder to cater to each one. Crowdbabble tries to offer every type…

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The Social Media Analytics Glossary

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Whether you are just starting out with social media analytics, or you are an analytical wizard, tracking relevant metrics will help you to optimize your social media campaigns. This free Social Media Analytics Glossary will help you to brush up on your knowledge of social media metrics. It includes definitions for everything from the most basic to the more advanced metrics. Let’s dive in. We hope this guide helps you to better understand your metrics so you can improve your social media campaigns. Make sure to keep it handy for easy reference! You’re more than welcome to share it with…

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Facebook Analytics - Engagement Rate

How to Find Your Public Facebook Page Engagement Rate

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You might have many Facebook likes, but how many fans are actually engaging with your content? Engagement rate is a particularly important metric for brands on Facebook — especially ones worried about fake Likes. But how can you measure it? Facebook Page Engagement Rate: Definition Engagement rate for public Facebook Pages is the number of Stories Created with your posts relative to the number of fans the Page has. Stories Created refers to Likes, Comments and Shares of your posts: when a person engages with your content and it then becomes a story in their own feed. The engagement rate ratio…

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Crisis Management 101: What is #OscarsSoWhite Doing to the Academy?

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It’s not a good time to be a little gold statue. This year, all twenty Oscar nominees in the acting categories were white. The Academy members who determine nominations are 95% white, while 1 out of 10 Americans is African-American and 3 of 10 are people of colour. How did social media users react to all-white nominations? #OscarsSoWhite is a trending topic on Twitter for the second year in a row and its impact cannot be underestimated. Should the Academy be held responsible for the lack of diversity? In the escalating conversation around the nominations on social media, some pointed to…

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Do you need social media to be successful on Kickstarter? Case Study on the Auroma Coffee Brewer – Kickstarter’s Latest Funding Success Story

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TL DR – No because a good product funds itself but you’d be stupid not to have any social presence.  Kickstarter success is a fascinating topic, one that cannot be answered in a single blog post. To really go in-depth, I would need more data from Kickstarter themselves. Unfortunately I do not have that treasure trove of data, nor do I have the video analytics of their video platform. Based on general observations, Kickstarter success largely depends on luck and timing… more than we give it credit. For example, VR’s timing was perfect and helped launch Oculus Rift through their…

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Social Media Intelligence Feedback Loop Japanese Store Crowdbabble Analytics Small Business

Social Intelligence Feedback Loop for Small Businesses – Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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Over the last two weeks, we’ve been going over the Social Intelligence Feedback Loop for Small Businesses where we went over social listening, social posting and social analytics as part of a 3 step loop to help small business owners improve their social media reach, both to improve their brand and potential sales growth. Recap Going back to our bakery example, as small business owners, we want to ensure that our business grows steadily. With social media, we can improve our growth trajectory by engaging with users. The question is where do we start? This is where our social media…

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Social Intelligence Feedback Loop for Small Businesses – Social Analytics

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Last week we went over two steps in our social feedback intelligence loop, social listening and social posting. We dove into the different apps and methods you can use to listen in on users and strategize posting when you are running a busy small business. Crowdbabble – The One Dashboard To Rule Them All There are many social media analytics platforms, but they often fail to answer the question “why”, “how” or “so what”. This is why why we started Crowdbabble, we wanted to provide a deeper level of social media analytics that can help answer those questions. We don’t…

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Sway Office 365 Crowdbabble Social Media Analytics Presentation Marketing Digital Responsive

Social Media Analytics Storytelling with Microsoft Sway

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I’ve recently fallen in love with Microsoft Office Sway. Sway is a free presentation tool available to anyone with a Microsoft ID where users are able to make dynamic, responsive and stunning presentations. I know what you are thinking… isn’t this just a fancy PowerPoint? Not quite. Sway takes the responsive web as a design framework to help create stories in a visually appealing way, similar to building a website using Bootstrap. For this exercise, I tried to imagine myself as a marketer part of a team who manages their meetings in different formats: tv screens, paper, tablets, phones and…

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Going Viral: Alex From Target, A Year Later and 3,900,000 (Followers) Richer

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Andy Warhol said that “in the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” That future is now: with social media, everyone can be famous for 15 minutes, but some stretch their time in the spotlight into days, months, and years. How do they do it? Last November, when teen Twitter set its eyes on Target cashier Alex Lee, the attention could have flickered out almost immediately. Now, with more than 3.9 million followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram combined, Alex has stretched his 15 minutes into a very big year. How did Alex from Target go viral? And how…

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