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Apr.18How to Export Twitter Followers to an Excel/CSV List

How to Export Twitter Followers to an Excel/CSV List

By | social media audience analysis, Social Media Marketing, Twitter Analytics, Twitter Follower List

Exporting Twitter followers shouldn’t involve carpal tunnel from endless scrolling and copying. Need a comprehensive list of all your followers on Twitter? What about their locations, latest tweets, and influence? Whether you have 100 followers or 10 million, it is possible to download a list of your Twitter followers. To get…

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Apr.10Instagram Competitors

Who Are Instagram’s Biggest Competitors in 2017?

By | Instagram Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Social Media Marketing

Naming Instagram competitors is challenging, even for seasoned social media managers. The behemoth fought off Snapchat and Periscope in 2016; both apps are losing marketshare. Social media is always changing, but some networks have such large user bases that they seem like institutions. Could any platform ever replace Instagram? With more…

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Dec.21Crowdbabble social media trend forecast 2017 live video

2017 Trend Forecast: Live Video

By | 2017 Social Media Marketing Trends, Social Media Analytics, Social Media Marketing

Every list of 2017 social media trends contains the words live video. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are stepping on Periscope’s toes. With the exception of Pinterest, almost every social media platform now offers live video, including Twitter, with livestreams of big events like the election debates. Thanks to live video and the conversational…

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Dec.14Social media analytics tool Crowdbabble logo

New Perspectives: Instagram Brand Advocates

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Finding and leveraging brand advocates is a tough task for Instagram marketers. The brand advocate part of your job usually involves creating them from scratch — luring followers down the sales funnel to conversion and advocacy. But what if you already have brand advocates on Instagram? How do you find them? Find Your…

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