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Team Crowdbabble’s Favourite Apps to Get’er Done

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As you might already know, we are a startup. Crowdbabble was founded on the idea of making social media analytics accessible to everyone. Our team is dedicated to give everyone a chance to become rock stars in social media. How do we do it? Our team the apps and the music we love. Crowdbabble has a diverse team but what’s more diverse is our favourite apps and music that we all use to make Crowdbabbble better for you. We have our quirks but it somehow all works. We wanted to share our favourite apps and work music for a taste…

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The World’s Favourite New Hockey Fan: How the Hockey World Fell in Love with Tony X (‎@soIoucity)

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Yes, I am guilty of day dreaming about becoming famous overnight. I’m not sure how or what I would do to become famous, but I’ve definitely thought about it. If it does happen, it would happen on Twitter. Twitter is a real time public forum and one of the best places for viral stories to become well… viral. Unfortunately, most of my Twitter behaviour is relegated to retweets of my favourite media outlets and publications. Someone like me… will probably not be famous overnight through a random string of retweets. On April 25th, one of the greatest moments in live…

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The Social Media Kingdom – The 24 Biggest Social Media Networks as Animals

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Welcome to The Social Media Kingdom! We have created an infographic that describes the 24 biggest social media networks that have the most influence in today’s society. Each network is also paired with an animal to help you understand the scale and scope of the network. We also tried to match the quirks where possible… but it’s not always easy with animals. There is also a quick snippet about each one. This infographic is created by one of our Co-Op students, Shem Goltz, who worked on this as his first major project at Crowdbabble. Congratulations on a successful project Shem!…

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3 Easy Ways to Impress Your Boss with Social Media Analytics

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Social media analytics has come a long way since the inception of “social media” as a concept. Now social media is a must in many ways, businesses can’t operate without any social media presence. Customers are checking social media to see how legitimate the business is and if the company resonates with them. Everyone is using social media, businesses and consumers alike, and it’s as common as salt and pepper shakers. Not without problems of course. One of the biggest problems with social media marketing is a lack of understanding. Suddenly everyone seems to be an expert with social media…

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Out Posting Your Competitor on Social Media – Competitor Analysis for Content Marketing

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You are a small local coffee shop. It’s only been a few weeks since you opened but so far, there are a few fans and people love your coffee. Unfortunately, all your efforts are dwarfed by Starbucks and its fanatic coffee drinker base.  They are out marketing you on social media and can’t keep up. You had enough… “If they want war… we’ll give them war” No it’s not really “war” but social media marketing can be intense and extremely competitive. All you want is a little engagement to increase your chance of virality. You try and post the best…

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Adding More Insights to Your Crowdbabble Excel Exports

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Crowdbabble has plenty of fantastic graphs and charts that helps share consumable social media data and analytics to any audience. Each graph can be exported into an image of a PDF so there are multiple options to help you report analytics the best way possible. However, can we take this further? Yes. As much as Crowdbabble aims to be the one-stop shop for social media analytic reports, there are some limitations. We get it. Social media managers, marketers, data scientists..etc… you all have different needs which means it’s harder to cater to each one. Crowdbabble tries to offer every type…

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How to Find Your LinkedIn Page’s Engagement Rate

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LinkedIn is a scary beast to tackle. Many people use it, but it’s hard to understand. A lot of the content is typically business oriented, especially a huge focus on personal development. People are keen about personal development but everyone is posting this type of content. Your LinkedIn strategy may need a wake up. Analytics, specifically engagement might be the answer. Engagement rate is a particularly important metric for brands on LinkedIn given how tough it is to get a regular audience on the network. LinkedIn Page Engagement Rate: Definition LinkedIn’s engagement rate on the Crowdbabble platform is the the…

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How to Find Your Instagram Engagement Rate

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Unlike Facebook or Twitter, there are not analytics for Instagram. You probably have burning questions about our analytics and no way to answer them. Engagement rate is an easy metric to use to study your content and social media channels. This is especially important if you want to ensure you are getting real Instagram profiles like you. So how can you find it? Instagram Engagement Rate: Definition Engagement rate for Instagram is the number of The total engagement received by an Instagram account over a time period as a percentage of followers, the equation is Engagement = Engagement / Followers….

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How Social Media & Influencers Catapulted Autism Awareness – #carlytakeover

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Every morning for about two decades, I’ve watched Breakfast Television Toronto at some point before I head off to school or work. Because I started working in Toronto, it became apart of my morning routine to listen to the Breakfast Television Crew. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I changed my plans thanks to BT relaying the news about GO Transit delays or accidents on our highways. All in all, your typical Toronto morning. I’ve known Kevin Frankish as a news anchor since I was a kid, to me morning news isn’t the same without Frankish….

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3.14 Easy Ways to Increase Twitter Engagement with Crowdbabble

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There is a lot of controversy surrounding Twitter’s future but we still think it’s a robust platform for people to engage and share their thoughts about the world… in real time. Many companies also rely on Twitter to get the word out quickly! I can go on about Twitter but regardless of your intentions, good Twitter engagement leads to more followers and ergo, more exposure. There are a lot of general rules about increasing engagement but the problem is that it’s missing context and data. They are often based on anecdotal evidence. I’ve managed to look at data for about…

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