Sep.23Crowdbabble Instagram Analytics

We’re excited to announce that today Crowdbabble launched a new Instagram Analytics reporting solution for brand marketers!

For brands that engage with the 150 million users on Instagram, the ability to measure Instagram brand performance is critical. We’ve had customers requesting us to provide a robust solution to help them measure not only their own Instagram performance, but also that of competitors.

The Crowdbabble Instagram Analytics solution provides insights on everything from audience growth to content performance to user engagement levels.

What To Expect from Crowdbabble Instagram Analytics

You can see a quick overview of all the Instagram accounts that you are tracking from the Crowdbabble dashboard.

Crowdbabble Instagram Analytics Dashboard

Understand the big picture. See a birds-eye overview of Instagram performance.

Crowdbabble Instagram Analytics Overview

Track the growth of your followers.

Crowdbabble Instagram Analytics Follower Growth

Understand which Filters and Hashtags get you more likes and comments.

Crowdbabble Instagram Analytics Top Filters

Sometimes you need to understand why something happened. Why did you receive more engagement than normal? Why did your followers rapidly increase all of a sudden?

Drill down all the way to the content to investigate how your content impacted your Instagram performance.


Getting Started with Instagram Analytics

To get a taste of these new Instagram tools, you can sign up for a free trial by visiting Crowdbabble. You’ll be up and running in less than a minute.

All Instagram reports will be available immediately for existing Crowdbabble users at no additional cost, along with our existing suite of over 30 different social media analytics reports.