Crowdbabble has plenty of fantastic graphs and charts that helps share consumable social media data and analytics to any audience. Each graph can be exported into an image of a PDF so there are multiple options to help you report analytics the best way possible.

However, can we take this further? Yes.

As much as Crowdbabble aims to be the one-stop shop for social media analytic reports, there are some limitations. We get it. Social media managers, marketers, data scientists..etc… you all have different needs which means it’s harder to cater to each one. Crowdbabble tries to offer every type of data point that we can provide from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean we can hit every need equally.

But guess what… Crowdbabble has a lot of hidden potential for custom reporting. The best part of this? It’s easy and it only takes Excel or Google Sheets to create these custom reports. These custom reports can be used to create reports and insights that are directly relevant to your organization. Whether you are in sales or public health, I’m going to show you a few simple hacks and ideas to build your own custom reports on Excel.

The first thing you are going to need to do learn how to download Excel data sets from Crowdbabble. When you add an account, you can go into the dashboard and select the date range you want for the account. From there, you can select export and you will have an Excel dataset sent to your email.

Follower Growth and Sales Data

Let’s say you own a local shoe store. You want to see how Adidas’ social media activity specifically follower growth (Facebook) is related to sales of Adidas’ shoes at your store. These are loose trends but learning about general trends can help you make better logistic decisions in the long run. You can add shoe sales data to Crowdbabble’s Excel sheet (the data is fake). From there you can chart the correlation on a graph. As you can see with the scatter plot, there doesn’t seem to be a correlation.

Excel Crowdbabble Sales Data

Let’s take it a step further. Head to Excel and go to Formulas > Statistical > CORREL . This will help you build a correlation formula to look at the relationship. It will help you setup the two columns of cells to calculate the R value. As predicted, there is no relationship between sales and social media follower growth for this instance. The value calculated was 0.05390805 which indicates no correlation. In some cases like a small business, follower growth is directly correlated with higher sales!

I hope this demonstrates is that you can easily manipulate the Crowdbabble excel file in order to combine your own data and build personal insights. Let’s do another one.

Weather Temperature and Instagram Posting

Sometimes I wonder if weather plays a big role in the number of Instagram posts being made. I decided to investigate with one of Toronto’s accounts and the city’s historical weather patterns. My question is whether weather (punny) correlated with significant weather events. In theory it might but it largely depends on a lot of variables.Let’s take a look at Abbas, our CEO. We’ve been looking at his data on Instagram for a while now. I took Toronto’s daily temperatures for the month of November and compared it with his engagement. there was an R value of 0.0273 which does not indicate anything. So my theory didn’t hold true… not so fast.

Abbas Excel Temperature Instagram Analytics

I didn’t find anything special because all of Abbas’ top performing posts were indoor featuring his lovely kids.

Instagram Top Posts Analytics Excel

It would be interesting to see how outdoor posts perform. My theory is that when the weather is either awful or pleasant, the engagement is higher but only if your audience is experiencing the same thing!

Even if you don’t find anything special in your numbers, this process makes you ask questions about your data and post. We love it when customers are engaged and are questioning everything. It means you are thinking and taking social media analytics seriously!