Jul.06Organic Reach

5 Ways to Increase Facebook’s Organic Reach

We’ve been hearing rumors about Facebook pegging organic reach to between 1-3% of page likes. However, recently we’ve noticed based on Crowdbabble Facebook Insights that our own organic reach won’t go above 20 (not percent, 20 people!). This is almost exactly at 3% of our page likes. This can be frustrating when our engagement rate hovers around 1.5% – this basically means that we will only get one piece of organic engagement every three posts!

Facebook is a business, and we understand that they have a responsibility to their shareholders to create revenue. And, as long as Facebook is free to use, their business model will be based around advertising. They have an incentive to limit organic reach, but that doesn’t mean that you have to promote every post. Here are 5 ways to get around limited organic reach:

1. Create viral posts

Viral reach is a free way to increase your distribution, and all you need to do is drive engagement and shareability. Every time a user likes, comments or shares a post, it shows up on friends’ newsfeeds, generating more impressions and clicks for your post. Research shows that millennial consumers are 2.3 times more likely to purchase a product shared by their friends – so if you can create shareable content, you can create new users and customers.

2. Focus on engagement, not reach

Your post is not a billboard in Times Square. Your post is a gateway to your website or blog, a call to action for your user-base with a concrete ROI. It doesn’t matter how many people see your post. What matters is how many people engage with it: how many show their commitment to your brand through likes, engage in discussion through comments, or create virality by sharing. Creating engagement is the true value in social media marketing, and you should focus your goals on increasing your engagement rate or driving the type of engagement that fits your offering. Without engagement, your post is just another billboard.

3. Optimize your content

Links, statuses and photos all create different value for your page. A visually appealing photo can pull users in, and is very shareable. A link can drive users straight to your site. A status can keep followers updated on a new feature release. Everyone’s followers are different, and depending on your offering, some types of content will have a better ROI than others. Find which content medium is the most successful with your followers, and focus on that. It’ll drive much more valuable impressions.

4. Give people a reason to look/like

Facebook has specific visual specifications for posts on desktop, mobile and thumbnails. If you can optimize your posts with these specs, they will automatically look more professional and enticing. Since posts have a short shelf-life on newsfeeds, you must grab viewers as soon as possible, and the image on your post must be easily viewable if you are going to stand out from the traffic. This guide has the exact image specifications that you should refer to. Remember to also optimize for the devices your followers use most!

5. Pony up 5 bucks

At the end of the day, if you really want to increase your reach, you will have to succumb to Facebook’s model. They control the platform, and as such small companies don’t have very much bargaining power. The good news is that promoting a post is very affordable, and for $5 you can increase your reach to over 1000 people. However it is important to always be strategic when promoting a post if you are on a limited budget. Make sure that your content, medium (link/photo/status) and call to action are aligned to a specific goal, such that if you can reach a larger amount of people, you will gain value.