Sep.10Social Media Background Check

5 Benefits of Social Media Screening for Hiring Purposes

Many companies receive an immense amount of applications after creating a job posting. Setting aside company time to interview each candidate will be nearly impossible. Considering that, recruiters must now begin to screen candidates. There are various ways to screen potential new hires for your company. However, many companies are realizing how beneficial it is to screen candidates using social media. With that in mind, here are five benefits of utilizing social media screening.

Learning More About a Candidate

The primary use of social media screening is to find out more about a potential new hire. It’s easy for a candidate to act a certain way while speaking with a representative from your company. However, a candidate’s social media profile often provides a much deeper insight into how a candidate truly behaves.

Inexpensive and Accurate Background Check

It’s also important for companies to utilize screening methods that aren’t expensive. Unfortunately, standard background screening is often a time-consuming and costly process. Companies often have to wait for other people or businesses to respond to their inquiries. On the other hand, social media screening is a much faster and less costly solution. Social media screening doesn’t require waiting on other parties. In turn, this enables your company to quickly screen candidates without wasting a lot of time.

Finding Out Beneficial Candidate Information

A social media background check is not solely performed to find negative information about candidates. Instead, social media screening also helps you learn about a candidate’s positive traits. In many cases, interviewees become nervous over the phone. Therefore, candidates might forget to mention important qualities they possess. However, implementing social media background checks ensures you’ll learn this information right away.

Eliminating Bad Matches Right Away

No employee wants to deal with a hostile work environment. This can lead to terrible outcomes for a business including employee turnover and potential lawsuits. To eliminate this problem, employers must ensure they aren’t hiring potentially dangerous candidates. Social media screening helps to ensure candidates with controversial opinions or backgrounds don’t enter your workplace.

Checking Into Professional References or Recommendations

Certain social media platforms have allowed users to receive endorsements. These endorsements often come from people who have personally worked with your candidates. For instance, LinkedIn is often used for past and current employers to endorse someone they’ve worked with. Therefore, this information is a potential goldmine for learning more about potential candidates. However, learning about endorsements for a wide range of candidates often becomes quite time-consuming. However, having a system to automate finding and reading these endorsements reduces wasted time.

To summarize, there are several benefits of using social media screening to find the right job candidates. There are several types of social media software available. That being said, many companies are utilizing Fama. This social media screening software also finds web and news information about your candidate. Therefore, many companies feel it gives them deeper insight into a candidate’s online presence. Regardless of which software you’re utilizing, social media screening remains beneficial for employers of all sizes.