4 Powerful Ways to Combine Social Media and Email Marketing

Social media has become the center of attention on the internet. Since websites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook having millions of users, it’s no surprise that companies use social media as a way to advertise and market their businesses. However, people forget that email marketing is another effective way to increase and improve your business.

Despite social media becoming popular on the internet, email marketing still stands at the top when it comes to success. Marketing charts found that email marketing is still the most effective way to do digital marketing. The picture below shows that email is one of the best digital marketing tactics while being one of the easier ones to implement.


Perhaps your company has already established a solid social media marketing plan or vice versa. This article is here to give you 4 different ways to bring your two marketing plans together, and to have them support each other in a way that grows both your email campaigns and your social media profiles.

1. Communicate Between Social Media and Email Marketing

One of the most important parts of business is communication. If a business can effectively communicate between its parts, this maintains unity and a uniform message. Customers see a brand as trustworthy when they are consistent between different types of media.

This is why it’s important for the two teams to communicate if they are separate. By keeping email and social media consistent with each other, people will see that connection and your brand will show confidence. If there’s a major difference between the two, the company could come across as unsure, which could hurt the public view on it.

One way to maintain communication is to have a go-between for the companies. This can be a person specifically assigned to communicate with both groups and to see what the other one is doing. The two teams could also meet on a regular basis to discuss plans and marketing. Both of these will allow the teams to coordinate their campaigns so that they line up properly and demonstrate that company unity.

2. Encourage People to Support Both

One excellent way to improve your marketing is to encourage people to join both your newsletters and to follow you on social media. If you can get people to follow both, that doubles your business exposure. With more exposure, it will increase the chances that your followers will make a purchase since they see the company’s campaigns more often.

One way to encourage people to join both is to advertise both in your emails and your social media profiles. For example, you can include social media icons in your emails to redirect people to your social media accounts when they click on them. You can mention your newsletters and different campaigns for those newsletters in social media posts.

By doing this, you encourage people to join your email newsletters and your social media accounts. Keep in mind that two major reasons why people may follow one and not the other is because they either forgot to follow or they don’t know about the other. By reminding them in a non-confrontational way, you encourage people to follow your company.

3. Host a Contest

One of the best ways to gain followers is by having a contest. For example, maybe all of your Twitter followers will be entered in a chance to win one of your products. When this happens, people will retweet your post and some of their friends may follow for that chance to win. The same can be done for every person who is subscribed to your newsletters.

To take it a step further, you could make it one big contest that is cross platform. In this case, if they are a follower on Twitter, Instagram, and they are subscribed to your newsletter, you can say that it counts as three entries into the contest. This will encourage people to subscribe to you on multiple platforms to increase their odds of winning.

People love to win free things, so if you give them that opportunity, more people will join. Not only that, but it will likely be people that are interested in your products. After all, why would they join a contest to win something that they aren’t interested in? It’s a simple yet effective way to grow both your email and your social media at the same time.

4. Experiment and Collect Data

One major benefit of having both email newsletters and social media profiles is that you can collect more data than before. This involves using the data you collect from one of those groups to benefit the other. This includes how statistics for your company are affected by your posts.

It’s important to experiment with different subject lines to see which ones bring the highest open rates, click rates, and purchases. By knowing what keywords and lines attract the most customers, you can know what keywords and sentences to use in your social media posts.

The same works the other way around. If you know what types of information and products attract your followers on social media, you can use that in your email campaigns. This is another reason for the two teams to communicate. If they see that something brings success, they can share it with the other group, which will boost profits and success for the company.

5. Final Points

When a company expands their digital marketing to both email and social media, they open a gateway to improve and increase both. This allows them to not only reach more people, but it also increases the company’s exposure to people who use multiple platforms. It provides more ways to get information out to customers.

If you have a solid following in either social media or email marketing, you can use that following to grow the other. By cross promoting and mentioning these new ways to receive information and discounts from your company, people will follow them. People want to support the brands they trust, so if you are confident enough to share new campaigns and ways to communicate, people will respect that and act accordingly. These 4 tips will help you to both grow and unify your markets. People like to support companies and brands that they feel are trustworthy and of high quality. If you can show that quality in your social media profiles and your emails, then your customers will notice and you will see more succe