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3 Reasons Why We Are Embracing Pocket For Content Marketing

We announced on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that we are adding Pocket to our social media marketing strategy. Pocket’s latest round of new features made the platform into a compelling platform of users to recommend and share fantastic content.

Pocket Crowdbabble Profile Smartphone Web

1. Pocket Augments Twitter & Reddit Curation 

Some background first. Before, Pocket was predominately an individual experience where users occasionally shared content on social media passively and maybe sending an article or two through the send to a friend feature. But that’s it.

It was really a perfect introverted experience, which personally I relished, but this doesn’t work for a company trying to grow and build a community online! Things have changed for Pocket and they managed to strike a great balance between the private and public aspects of Pocket.

We love Twitter for all sorts of reasons but we were facing some difficult curating and sharing content. There is a lot of fantastic content on Twitter but favouriting content without sorting proved difficult.

Part of my job involved finding and sharing great content to help our followers, but this was cumbersome with Twitter. I tried using Notepad. That was an unsuccessful effort. Clearly I needed a new solution.

I then discovered that the Pocket browser extension allows me to directly “pocket content” to the app without even having to open it. In a heartbeat, I solved my content curation problems where now I am immediately able to store the content, then sort it when I go through my weekly content dump on Pocket.

Crowdbabble Pocket Article Twitter Curation

Pocket’s browser extension integrates into Twitter and Reddit to save content to your account directly

It’s that easy and seamless.

2. Engaging Audience
Being a Pocketer, we are dedicated. We save a lot of content. I mean a lot…

Sure we may not read everything (we are also famous for long lists of saved content that we will never revisit… I digress), but most of us love curating for a future reference. Pocket readers are highly engaged and there is some indication that they have a higher read completion rate than other audiences. This is based on a number of a feedback from Pocket users.

One of the strange things we found when we promoted content on Facebook is that no one really read anything we shared. This is not just our content, but other sources as well. We discovered that 99% of users would “like” the content, but failed to even click through to the actual page where the content was posted.We may have 100 likes on our posts, but no one could summarize what the content was about. We are still planning to keep promoting content on Facebook. We recognize that the demographics and behaviour on Facebook is different.

We really want to have readers engage with our content and share it as a resource. Pocket might be more conducive for this behaviour so we are excited to try this social change for sharing content.

Best of all, we can immediately recommend content to Facebook and Twitter through Pocket’s social integration, requiring little work on our end. With Pocket, we can get some of the best aspects of social media content sharing strategies in one app.

3. Public Pocket Profiles
The best new feature of Pocket are the public profiles. Crowdbabble has a public profile account that we use to share great content to followers. The way we view Pocket’s profiles is that it can be a starting resource for marketers and social media professionals to look up to see what Crowdbabble finds interesting and relevant to the field. Social media analytics may be a very specific subset of knowledge, but it still has a wealth of resources to sort through. This can be time consuming.

We hope that the Crowdbabble Pocket page is a great beginner resource to follow so social media marketers can begin to curate their own resources and merging our recommendations with theirs. Crowdbabble doesn’t see itself as only a social media analytics platform leader; we also see ourselves as resource leaders in the social media analytics movement. But of course, the more the merrier!

Final Thoughts
Pocket’s potential as a social media sharing platform is incredible, however it always comes down to implementation. We are going to run many experiments with Pocket to see what marketing strategies work or don’t penetrate anything. We have a very small follower base that we hope to expand in the coming months. If you are a Pocket user, be sure to follow us at getpocket.com/@crowdbabble. Not on Pocket, then better get on it!

Happy Analyzing!