3 Easy Ways to Impress Your Boss with Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics has come a long way since the inception of “social media” as a concept. Now social media is a must in many ways, businesses can’t operate without any social media presence. Customers are checking social media to see how legitimate the business is and if the company resonates with them. Everyone is using social media, businesses and consumers alike, and it’s as common as salt and pepper shakers. Not without problems of course.

One of the biggest problems with social media marketing is a lack of understanding. Suddenly everyone seems to be an expert with social media but the truth is, like any field, it takes a bit more to become a world-class leader in the field. The best way to become best in world-class for social media is focusing on two areas: 1) develop your skills in social media analytics, performance and benchmarking and 2) learning how to impress your boss.

We at Crowdbabble like efficiency so we are going to take a “2 birds with one stone” approach and cover both with 3 easy tips to help you to become the best in social media.

1. Become a Social Media Analytics Expert

I am not saying go back to school and become a data scientist. Although you could if you want. That would just make you uber-best in world class. But that’s not the point!

The point is to become comfortable with all the social media analytics terminology and tools. There are a lot of different metrics and definitions of social media analytics, so we understand if it can get complicated and confusing.

We recommend starting out with our Social Media Analytics Glossary. We compiled a list of important terms and concepts that are essential to become an expert on social media analytics. The moment you become an expert, you will learn to critically look at all social media data and in turn, impress your boss. The more you know, the more effective and game changing decisions you can make to make you a rockstar.

2. Be Confident and Go Deep

Once you become an expert, it’s time to wield your knowledge in expert form. One of the biggest issues of social media analytics is the lack of depth. Many platforms and apps give you a sample of the analytics, but almost never the big picture. In addition, there are many limitations which prevents you getting all the data you may need.

This is why we built Crowdbabble. Crowdbabble gives you the fewest limitations with the most amount of data. We want everyone to go deep and talk about the smallest data points. We want everyone to become experts and we think this is only possible if you are given all the data to explore.

Using Crowdbabble, you can go in deep to get all the analytics you want. You can find out what filters the photos are using on Instagram and if that’s correlated with higher engagement for your posts. You can find out who are the top influencers and even the time of day when follower activity is the highest. What’s more… all of this is available for any account so you can conduct an in-depth analysis of your competitor’s social analytics. It’s that easy.

Crowdbabble Facebook Analytics Drill Down

The deeper you go, the more you learn, the more insights you can share with your boss and thus, the more you impress your boss. You will easily impress your boss with high quality in-depth analysis that provides value .  Your goal is to show your boss how much information is out there which can be used for making key strategic decisions.

3. High Quality PDF Reports in a Flash

It’s 3 pm and your boss wants a full in-depth report of your social accounts. The report has to be consumable and easy to understand. Oh by the way, the due date is in 30 mins. She needs to reallocate budget items and needs social media data to make the decision. What do you do?

Easy. One step export. Crowdbabble allows any social media report online to be exported into a consumable PDF. In a matter of minutes your boss will have a comprehensive PDF report looking at all the metrics and insights. You don’t need to open up PhotoShop, PowerPoint, Word or Excel… everything is presented in an easy to read format.

Social Media Analytics PDF Report

Your job is done in seconds which impresses your boss. Now they are able to get home to their family early without having any worries because the job is done.

With these 3 easy steps we hope that using Crowdbabble and our resources can help you impress your boss. If you get promoted, don’t worry we won’t take a cut of your bonus 😉