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2017 Trend Forecast: Mesmerizing Video

Spoiled for choice, social media users are demanding more from online content.

They want to be mesmerized.

Watching material processes unfold with digital perfection is a new, much-loved trend on social media. Across political divides, everyone is mesmerized by perfection. Most processes that we interact with are concealed behind a screen and we’re more hooked than ever by video that shows physical processes unfold — and they’re refreshingly apolitical. Humans love to watch amazing things at peak performance: beautiful machines working flawlessly, a process unfolding perfectly, a touchdown executed with great skill. It’s hard to come up with an umbrella term for videos that capture these wins. These videos appear under different labels: soothing, flawless, win, watch this [machine or person] do [their job] perfectly.

This is a smaller, content-theme sized trend, but it’s a powerful one.

Social media in 2017 mesmerizing video link to noodle man video

Brands can capture high engagement with video content showing off the physical processes that they perform without a hitch. As shown by the noodle maestro video above, any seamless physical processes showing mastery are basically guaranteed to grab eyeballs. If your brand doesn’t have a lot of physical processes to capture, you can create one — like OK GO’s Rube Goldberg-esque The One Moment music video. Budget seems irrelevant to this trend: low production value videos of  dominoes falling in beautiful patterns have millions of views on YouTube.

This trend’s challenge for brands is in concept creation, not execution.

Crowdbabble social media trends handwriting machine screencap of machine drawing grace kelley in one line

In 2017, mesmerizing video can deliver highly engaging beauty and value to your fans and followers.

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